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It was a Blog Tour to Melt All Hearts!

Did the Kisses in Your Heart blog tour melt your heart this week?

With shared passions, profound insights and inspiring expertise, it has been an undeniably beneficial journey learning and engaging with Sonia Bestulic and her latest picture book (beautiful illustrations by Nancy Bevington). Thank you! No doubt this book has already empowered many with courage, comfort, and the ultimate – love.

And much gratitude and appreciation to our co-hosts, who put just as much love and kisses into their special features…

Anna Byrd @ TheByrdAndTheBookworms

Nadia L King

Jill Smith

Allison Winchester @ Little Big Reads




Question: Who or what places kisses in your heart? Simply follow the link here and fill out the form for your chance to WIN a copy of the gorgeous Kisses in Your Heart! Closes June 16. Thanks to Big Sky Publishing for providing this stunning prize.


You’re Invited to a Book Launch!

Share the love with Sonia at her Book Launch on June 23rd…


And to catch up on the entire blog tour, click on the images below or visit the archive page @OnTourWithSoniaBestulicAndKissesInYourHeart.




PLUS! Special Co-hosts…

Anna Byrd @ The Byrd and the Bookworms


Nadia L King


Jill Smith

Allison Winchester @ Little Big Reads



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