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It was a Blog Tour to Melt All Hearts!

Did the Kisses in Your Heart blog tour melt your heart this week? With shared passions, profound insights and inspiring expertise, it has been an undeniably beneficial journey learning and engaging with Sonia Bestulic and her latest picture book (beautiful illustrations by Nancy Bevington). Thank you! No doubt this book has already empowered many with… Continue reading It was a Blog Tour to Melt All Hearts!


There’s a New Gang in Town!

Mischief makers!┬áLiterary device connoisseurs! Night-time escapade lovers! We have a story for you! Dot your i's, cross your t's...and hold your breath for a fun adventure with the error-busting gang, The Apostrophe Posse! They're coming from Tea Tree Bend to Books On Tour Town from April 1st - no joke! Energetically written by Teena Raffa-Mulligan.… Continue reading There’s a New Gang in Town!