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Want More Likes? How to Plan for Social Media Marketing

Book Marketing Secrets #4

How much energy are you willing to invest into pursuing Social Media Marketing? What types of marketing will work for you? How will your efforts be effective and manageable? All these questions answered here today…

If you go back to our previous articles in the Book Marketing Secrets series one thing you will find they all have in common is knowing your audience and making connections with them. Your aim is to fulfil a need, or provide a solution for those people. That is, satisfy their desire for knowledge, capture their emotion, and provide them with a product (you and your book).

Social Media Marketing works in the same way. The content you put out there must be engaging, targeted and meaningful. But where to start? ‘Follow’ these tips. I’m sure you’ll ‘like’ them! 😉

1. Pick a Channel!

Pick your preferred social media channel. You don’t have to be proficient and active on all of them. Get to know one or two well and you’ll engage with a sense of purpose, rather than flailing around and poking your head in once in a while. What is your purpose, by the way? Are you looking to connect via conversation, or want to put your best visuals on display? Who do you want your audience to be?

Twitter and LinkedIn are great for conversation threads and business connections, whilst those such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube serve to show off your awesome imagery and audio-visual talents. Finding the appropriate demographic that suits your purpose is key.

2. What Are Your Goals?

What do you want to get out of using social media? What are your current challenges? Are you aiming to gain a larger presence as an author/personality? To promote your books? To acquire more loyal* followers / fans? To drive more engagement? When striving for specific goals, be sure that they’re attainable. Don’t expect to land 1000 followers by the end of the month, for example. Be realistic. Understanding your goals will also help you decide which social networks are right for you.

*By loyal, I mean, people who are actually interested in what you’re all about. Numbers don’t mean nothin’ if they’re not actively following you, if you know what I mean. Your fans are your greatest supporters – remember it’s about the connections!

3. Analyse!

Are you monitoring your engagement? What kind of content does your audience most respond to? To build those meaningful connections you will want to check how far your posts have spread (reach), the number of clicks on your links (your marketing funnel), and the quality of engagement (the audience’s willingness to interact). By understanding the stats, you will be able to plan more effective marketing in the future.

4. Create Engaging Content

So, what are some examples of engaging content? Still not sure how to reflect ‘you’, without being overly promotional? Perhaps start by putting together a list of the type of content you could produce.

social video content is one of the most viewed and shared across platforms like Facebook and Instagram. With multiple options such as live streaming, short ads or longer clips, you can’t go wrong.
#dontforgetthehashtags. Adding well-known, but relevant, hashtags drives your content to a much larger community of users. For example, #thetitleofyourbook, #goals, #amwriting, #amreading, #kidsbookstagram, #kidlit #writingtips, #picturebooks, #loveozya, #loveozmg, #bookblogger
eye-catching graphics and images can include nicely designed book quote memes, illustrations, photography of you and your book in the wild, and even promotional content such as posters for book launches, workshops, special announcements, events and giveaways.
links to appearances, book reviews, newspaper features, blog posts, blog tours and campaigns, and so on also make for interesting content worth sharing with the world.

*N.B. Have you noticed that the best marketers DO NOT repeatedly post the direct link to their shop? They don’t need to. Their high quality and engaging posts do all the talking for their book and therefore sales occur organically.

5. Timing is Key!

Work out the best times to post your content. Will it be tied to specific dates, times of the year, annual events, and so on. Consider those upcoming dates, including festivals, launches or conferences and plan your content accordingly. A spreadsheet might help!


In Summary…

Remember, keep it simple! You don’t need to go overboard with planning and analysing your every move. Be smart in the way you organise your social media plan and it can elevate your popularity and even drive sales.

The main points to make are; to be authentic and consistent, become familiar with one or two social media channels and understand your demographic, and definitely engage with others and they do with you – it’s a social relationship!


Books On Tour PR & Marketing is available to help you create an effective marketing plan for your book. For further information, feel free to contact us.

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