You receive personalised and professional customer service to create the most effective, customised package for your marketing needs.

Books On Tour PR is an initiative to support Australian authors and illustrators in marketing their children’s and YA books across a range of media outlets. The aim is to create a buzz around the book through fun and engaging promotional content and activities.

Romi Sharp is a Melbourne-based qualified primary teacher, freelance PR consultant, copywriter, children’s writer and designer who works with children’s creators and publishers. She is passionate about using her skills in a variety of areas including motion and digital graphics, planning and implementing PR campaigns, liaising with clients and key industry people, and organising online and social media events.

Services include social media and digital marketing, publicity interviews and guest articles, writing and sourcing book reviews, online events, motion videos and animation, advertisement graphics, press releases, educational resources and photography.

Founded in 2017 under the umbrella of the nationally recognised Australian resource for children’s authors and illustrators, Just Write For Kids.




Book Trailers

Video Editing


Author Videos

Promotional Advertisement Videos



Banners / Graphics

Animated GiFs

Email Campaigns

Social Media Advertising

Web Design

Photography / Photo Editing



Launch Posters

Copywriting Adverts

Press Releases



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Books On Tour PR

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