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Wonderful Shoes | Emma Bowd & Tania McCartney | Windy Hollow Books

Stud | Dhana Fox & Anna Demchenko | Larrikin House

Happy as a Hog Out of Mud | Sean Avery | Larrikin House

The Vampires Next Door | Sigi Cohen & Pat Corrigan | Larrikin House

Australia Remembers 2: Customs and Traditions of the Australian Defence Force | Allison Paterson | Big Sky Publishing

Ginnie & Pinney ‘Learn and Grow’ Series | Big Sky Publishing

Nursery Crimes Book#1 | John Barwick | Dave Atze | Big Sky Publishing

Anzac Day Kids and Education Trailer for Big Sky Publishing

Unconquered: Our Wounded Warriors by Denny Neave for Big Sky Publishing

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Raymund and the Fear Monster | Megan Higginson | Ester de Boer | Blue Brumby Books

We’re All in This Together | Skye Hughes & Alice Coates | Dean Publishing

Colouroos | Anna McGregor | Lothian Children’s Books

Feathers | Karen Hendriks & Kim Fleming | Empowering Resources

Author Videos

Toni Brisland | Patrick White | Little Steps Publishing

Cameron Macintosh | Big Sky Publishing

Kate Gordon | Juno Jones Blog Tour | Yellow Brick Books

Educational Videos

Plastic Bag Jellyfish Craft | Ori’s Clean-Up

Water Xylophone Music Science | Reece Give Me Some Peace!


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Reece Give Me Some Peace! | Sonia Bestulic | Nancy Bevington | Big Sky Publishing

Cloud Conductor | Kellie Byrnes | Ann-Marie Finn | Wombat Books

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