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Thanks for the Follow: The Follow After Me Journey’s End

Thanks for coming on this three-month journey where we embarked on an inspiring campaign across a parallel timezone!

The Follow After Me campaign took us through moments of heart-break and sorrow, emotional challenges and kindled romance; from the harrows of war in 1917 to the pressures of modern society in 2017. And we couldn’t have gotten through it all without the remarkable insights from talented author and historian, Allison Marlow Paterson.

Special thanks to Allison for her flexibility and generously shared tributes towards the success of the campaign. We are also grateful to our numerous associates for their enthusiasm and supportive teamwork:

Jill Smith

Nadia L King

Mandy Langlois @ Mandy’s Book Nook

Megan Higginson

Allison Winchester @ Little Big Reads

Nikki Reid @ Nikki Reads

Reading Time (x2)!

Big Sky Publishing


And to catch up on the entire blog tour, click on the images below or visit the archive page @OnTourWithAllisonPatersonAndFollowAfterMe.

We are pleased to present you with the official Follow After Me Book Trailer, commissioned and given permission to publicise by Big Sky Publishing.

PLUS! Special Co-Hosts…

Author Jill Smith

Nadia L King

Mandy’s Book Nook

Megan Higginson

Little Big Reads

Nikki Reads

Reading Time



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