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Tickling Hearts with Belly Button Fluff

A super-cute, icky adventure brimming with curiosity and fun.

Belly Button Fluff is a gloriously icky yet irresistibly adorable story of a little girl’s relationship with something fluffy, and a little bit smelly, but most importantly, it features a sweet bond with her Dad. The fun-filled adventure is both written and illustrated by the talented Dave Atze in the most colourfully delightful way.

Support Dave Atze during our campaign from September 20th to 24th, 2021.

Published by Big Sky Publishing. Hosted at and Books On Tour PR & Marketing.

About the Book

Belly Button Fluff

Scarlett Von Scruff is a little girl who loves to collect weird stuff. Now she’s discovered something fluffy, soft and a little bit smelly in Dad’s belly button and she wants to find more.

No belly is safe as Scarlett goes on a fun-filled, fluff gathering adventure.

So, kick off your shoes and lay on the couch, let’s have a look in your tummy pouch.

Book Advert Trailer

Can you handle the fluff?…

Campaign Appearances

Join us on a fun- and fluff-filled adventure with Dave Atze and his warm and cosy tale, Belly Button Fluff, tickling hearts across the blogosphere at the following media sources. Please follow, the links listed below and Books On Tour PR & Marketing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see all the special media features.

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