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Minds Blown with the Marlow Brown Magician in the Making Campaign

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The ‘Marlow Brown; Magician in the Making‘ campaign has revealed all the magical secrets behind the series, with thanks to the insights, powers and treasures from author Kesta Fleming! With tricks and illusionist-mishaps in this delightfully fun and entertaining book, it’s been a mind-blowing, awe-inspiring and magical experience! Hope you’ve had just as much fun as we have! 

Special thanks to our marvellous co-hosts for showing their support during our campaign…

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Magician in the Making is a fun-tastic, laugh-out-loud show as Marlow learns the art of MAGIC! Its readers will be enthralled, delighted and awe-inspired by this spectacularly fun performance with plenty of mishaps and giggles… and hypnotism gone wrong! Watch as the amazingness unfolds before your eyes! Thanks to those who ENTERED for the chance to WIN a copy, and CONGRATULATIONS to our WINNER!

Special thanks to Celapene Press for providing the prize for our promotion.

WIN Marlow Brown

We are thrilled to celebrate the release of Marlow Brown #2; Magician in the Making, following its first title, Scientist in the Making, with illustrations by Marjory Gardner, published by Celapene Press.

Please follow Kesta Fleming at her website:

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Purchase your copy of Marlow Brown; Magician in the Making through: Kesta Fleming | Celapene Press | Booktopia

All the feature media links can be located at On Tour with Kesta Fleming and Marlow Brown 2


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