Carly Mills
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The Ground Breaking New Series Sets Sail with Carly Mills

A ground breaking new time-travelling fiction adventure series that celebrates the courage and contribution of some of the world’s most inspiring pioneering women!

Carly Mills: A New World is the first in the exciting historical fiction series, taking its readers back to the colonial period to meet female trailblazer and humanitarian, Caroline Chisholm. This is more than just a history lesson! This book is fun, engaging and full of suspense, and we find ourselves gripped to the end by the admirable characters gracing our presence. Join us on an inspirational journey to the past and back!

Support award-winning author Jane Smith during our campaign from May 18th to 22nd.

Published by Big Sky Publishing. Hosted at and Books On Tour PR & Marketing.


Carly Mills: A New World 

It’s not easy coming to the city all alone when you’re a young country girl. It’s even harder when a strange discovery sends you back in time to 1841! Carly Mills is about to learn how dangerous Sydney can be for a lonely colonial girl … and how hard it is to move in a corset! Caroline Chisholm tells her that kindness and friendship can make the world a better place. Could Mrs Chisholm be right?


Book Trailer

Get set for sail for a time-bending adventure with Carly Mills!



Campaign Appearances

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