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Commemorating a Significant Campaign with Allison Paterson

#australiaremembers2 #customsandtraditionsoftheadf #bookcampaign #booksontourpr The Australia Remembers series contains a treasure trove of fascinating and visually eye-catching historical facts, traditions and personal questions in relation to the studies of Anzac Day, Remembrance Day and the customs of the Australian Defence Force. Exemplary author, Allison Paterson has enlightened us with the processes and inspirations behind the development of these stellar,… Continue reading Commemorating a Significant Campaign with Allison Paterson


Featured Author: Allison Marlow Paterson

This author makes the art of weaving personal history into stunning titles look easy with her magical storytelling prowess, including fascinating informational texts and contemporary fiction. Allison Marlow Paterson is the ingenious mind behind titles that every classroom needs. Her stories relating to her own childhood and the incredible tribute to her ancestry are phenomenally… Continue reading Featured Author: Allison Marlow Paterson