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Taking Us to a Special Place with Kelly Louise Jarris

An enchanting story of two sisters on a magical journey.

Glide high on the beautiful imagination of Sophie, sharing magical moments with us and her sister to wondrous dreams of fairy tea parties, the Queen of Rainbows and golden sun in a cup amongst the fluffy clouds in the sky. Author Kelly Louise Jarris shares her own special place – the place in her heart where memories of precious moments fill her soul after tremendous family loss. With soft and uplifting illustrations by Sandunika Dissanayake, the heartfelt Imagine Our Special Place beautifully brings joy, light and love to those who need the wonders of imagination.

Support Kelly Louise Jarris during our campaign throughout the whole of July, 2022.

Published by InHouse Publishing. Hosted at and Books On Tour PR & Marketing.

About the Book

Imagine Our Special Place

Sophie is unwell and has to go the hospital a lot. Imagine Our Special Place is an enchanting story about two sisters who go for magical adventures in the clouds. It touches on celebrating life and all its precious moments.

Sophie has a beautiful imagination. Imagine being able to bounce off white, fluffy clouds, eat raindrop shaped cookies and sip from a golden cup made from the sun!

Book Advert Trailer

Watch this precious, magical moment…

Campaign Appearances

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