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A Bookish Adventure with Michelle Worthington

Magical book characters come to life to help library-loving twins save the library from impending closure!

Sass and Traz Save the Library will take book lovers on a magical adventure bound for a surreal thrill with an important mission to save a beloved local library from closure. International award-winning author, Michelle Worthington, will have minds racing as we dive in with her twin heroes in this first, page-turning title in the series.

Support Michelle Worthington during our campaign from October 20th and beyond.

Published by Daisy Lane Publishing. Hosted at and Books On Tour PR & Marketing.

About the Book

Sass and Traz Save the Library

Sassafras and Alcatraz are twins who couldn’t be more different, except for the fact that they love their local library.

The librarian, Ms Burns, tells them the library is going to be demolished and there is nothing she can do about it.

That is, until the library itself finds a way to help.

Can they work together to find a way to stop the council and save the library before it is too late?

Book Advert Trailer

Let’s bring some book characters to life…

Campaign Appearances

Join us on a magical adventure with Michelle Worthington and her book for library-lovers, Sass and Traz Save the Library, being read across the blogs. Please follow, the links listed below and Books On Tour PR & Marketing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see all the special media features.


Stop by at the library for some launch party fun as we celebrate the release of Sass and Traz Save the Library by Michelle Worthington and Naomi Greaves! We’re paying tribute to our wonderful librarians, local and school libraries on Wednesday October 20!

Log in to Twitter at 7PM AEDST and follow the threads at #SassandTraz #SavetheLibrary for some fun Q&A time! You can also find all the tweets at @booksontour_aus, and be sure to tag @michelle_author in your replies.

For more exposure, include hashtags #librarylovers, #studentsneedschoollibraries, #loveyourlibrary

‘Read’ you at the library then!

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