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Penny Macoun’s Splashing Surprise!

A curious tale of exploration and unexpected surprises!

What happens when a curious pup explores a part of the garden that takes him completely by surprise? Well, he gets very wet, and for a dog that hates water, the result isn’t too pleasing! Join Penny Macoun as she provides all her insights into the story of Rollo’s Wet Surprise.

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Illustrated by Paul Nash. Published by Penny Macoun. Hosted at and Books On Tour PR & Marketing.

About the Book

Rollo’s Wet Surprise

Rollo is a dog who loves to go to work with his owner, Jim.

Jim is a builder, and when he is working, Rollo loves to explore all the different homes Jim and his team of builders work at. One day, the builders are moving lots of big, heavy windows to a safe area. Rollo begins to explore this new part of the garden, and sniffs around. While Rollo is exploring, he gets a very wet surprise!

Book Advert Trailer

Jump right in and watch a snippet of the book…

Campaign Appearances

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