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A Jurassic Adventure of a Lifetime! Join the Fossil Frenzy Campaign!

In the drought-stricken present, the only hope is buried in the past.

Fossil Frenzy is the third in the exciting adventure series, The Adamson Adventures. This one will certainly keep you on the tips of your toes! Get ready for a thrilling and nail-biting exotic, and prehistoric, journey to worlds old and new, where danger and ginormous poo awaits! Imaginative and talented author, Sandra Bennett will be delighting, enlightening and perhaps frightening us with her background inspiration and amazing knowledge of the Jurassic era! It’ll be roaring good fun! 

Support author Sandra Bennett during our campaign running the rest of November, December and January.

Cover design by Nicole Matthews. Published by Rosella Ridge Books. Hosted at and Books On Tour PR & Marketing.

About the Book

The Adamson Adventures: Fossil Frenzy

Devastated by the effects of the drought on the family farm, rock collector and all-round science buff, Zac, has a plan. Along with his squabbling siblings, animal loving, Clare and trouble making, Luke, the trio head off in search of dinosaur fossils. Not heeding weather warnings, they must seek shelter fast when two cyclones merge to descend upon the landscape. After the storm, the environment is strangely different.

A lush rainforest canopy now shelters them. A massive lake now fills the open plains. The homestead is nowhere in sight. Zac can’t reach Uncle Tom on his walkie-talkie and what’s worse, there’s a pile of ginormous poo that no cow could possibly have left behind.

Join the trio in their third adventure. Will they find the proof they need to save the farm or have they discovered much more than they ever thought possible?


Book Trailer

Join the Jurassic adventure!

Campaign Appearances

It’s a campaign of Jurassic proportions as we take Sandra Bennett and her exciting chapter book, Fossil Frenzy on tour, appearing at the following media sources. Please follow, the links listed below and Books On Tour PR & Marketing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see all the special media features.


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