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Let’s Shake Things Up with the Rain Shaker Campaign!

Rain Shaker transports the reader into a world where dreams come true and hope rides high on the rising tides of global warming.

Rain Shaker is a gentle, encouraging and imaginative story with an inspiring message of environmental care and climate change. Passionate author, Elizabeth Mary Cummings reflects important life issues and experiences through her stories. Here is yet another delightfully empowering tale full of magic, endurance, whimsy and beauty. Come along, and help shake things up!  

Support author Elizabeth Mary Cummings during our campaign from October 5 – October 9.

Illustrated by Cheri Hughes. Published by Big Sky Publishing. Hosted at and Books On Tour PR & Marketing.


About the Book

Rain Shaker

When Erin finds a snow-shaker she embarks on a magical journey of possibility.

In a world of droughts and floods where water won’t behave, Erin’s imagination shake things up and shows her she can help make a better world.



Book Trailer

Join in the dance of this enlightening story…

Campaign Appearances

Kick up a dust storm with us; Elizabeth Mary Cummings and her sunny book, Rain Shaker, will be appearing at the following media sources. Please follow, the links listed below and Books On Tour PR & Marketing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see all the special media features.

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