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Rewriting History with the Remarkable Patrick White Campaign

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In a word – remarkable. Summing up our week with the remarkable Toni Brisland, sharing her insights and research into the remarkable literary hero, Patrick White. Beautifully adapting the historical journey of this master of his craft and Nobel Prize winner, Toni Brisland presented us all with crisp and easily accessible information (with stunning illustrations by Anastasia Popp), perfectly suited to inspire school-aged children. We are all the more motivated to read further about Patrick White, and write like literary geniuses ourselves!

And we are appreciative of our remarkable co-hosts for showing their support during our campaign…

Just Write For Kids Australia

Robert Vescio’s Time Out Blog

Kids’ Book Review

Paula Stevenson Writer

Jill Smith Author



The Patrick White #BookGiveaway is STILL OPEN! 

We’re loving the entries so far for the #PatrickWhite #BookGiveaway. Thank you to those who have entered, for others, there is still a bit of time. Write in now!

Special thanks to Toni Brisland and Little Steps Publishing for providing the prize for our promotion.

Enter at the link here! Good luck!

Closing midnight AEST Sunday August 23 2020.


And to catch up on the entire book campaign, click on the images below or visit the archive page @OnTourWithToniBrislandandPatrickWhite


Celebrating the release of the eloquent and fascinating non-fiction biography, Patrick White, by Toni Brisland and Anastasia Popp, published by Little Steps Publishing.

Toni Brisland:


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Author Directory Listing

Patrick White is available to purchase at Little Steps Publishing | Booktopia.


PLUS! Special Co-Hosts…

Robert Vescio @ Robert’s Time Out Blog


Kids’ Book Review


Paula Stevenson


Jill Smith




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