Max Booth Future Sleuth
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The Max Booth Future Sleuth; Chip Blip Campaign was Out of This World!

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Well, that week flew by in a split micro-second. But it was no less spectacular with its range of ‘cosmic’ features that took us out of this world and even to another timezone! Author Cameron Macintosh most certainly entertained with his news reporting skills, taking us deeper into the pysche of his loveable, heroic characters, Max and Oscar! Yet another exciting and refreshing title in the Max Booth Future Sleuth series with Chip Blip! We’ve had a blast! 🙂

To add to the rollicking fun we’ve had this past week, we thank the following co-hosts for their amazing contributions to our campaign…

Just Write For Kids Australia

Middle Grade Mavens Podcast

Ashleigh Meikle @ The Book Muse

Bookish Bron

Sue Lawson @ Portable Magic



The Max Booth Future Sleuth Chip Blip #BookGiveaway is STILL OPEN! But you’ll have to be quicker than a robo-rat up a drain pipe!

The entries have been COSMIC so far for the #MaxBoothFutureSleuthChipBlip #BookGiveaway. Thank you to those who have entered, for others, there is still a bit of time. Hurry!

Special thanks to Big Sky Publishing for providing the prize for our promotion.

Enter at the link here! Good luck!

Closing midnight AEST Sunday August 9 2020.


And to catch up on the entire book campaign, click on the images below or visit the archive page @OnTourWithCameronMacintoshandMaxBoothFutureSleuthChipBlip

Other campaigns with Cameron Macintosh…

Max Booth Future Sleuth; Stamp Safari | Max Booth Future Sleuth; Film Flip

Celebrating the release of the fun, fast-paced and energetic junior fiction book, Max Booth Future Sleuth Chip Blip, by Cameron Macintosh and Dave Atze, published by Big Sky Publishing.

Cameron Macintosh: Website:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

Max Booth Future Sleuth: Chip Blip is available to purchase at Big Sky Publishing | Booktopia

PLUS! Special Co-Hosts…

Middle Grade Mavens Podcast


Ashleigh Meikle @ The Book Muse


Bookish Bron


Portable Magic Podcast by Sue Lawson

Coming soon…


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