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Let’s Talk about Jasper’s Jumbled up Words!

A gentle and sensitive new picture book that encourages self-confidence, language development and family relationships.

Jasper’s Jumbled up Words is a delightfully endearing story about family relationships, encouragement and the development of language, featuring a young toddler and his experiences around the home. Young children will see themselves in this funny, emotionally charged and heart-warming tale. An empowering and hopeful story to get everyone talking!

Support author Marg J Gibbs during our campaign from July 27th to 31st.

Illustrated by Emma Stuart. Published by M J Gibbs. Hosted at and Books On Tour PR & Marketing.


About the Book

Jasper’s Jumbled up Words

‘Jasper’s Jumbled up Words‘ is a gentle story about a young boy who wants to be understood.

‘In Jasper’s head, strange sounds bubble, but in his mouth the words get caught and only babble comes out.’

Jasper soon finds himself confused and upset. Then one day, he surprises everyone.

Jasper’s Jumbled up Words‘ sensitively deals with the difficulties surrounding language development and offers children, parents and care givers hope.


Book Trailer

Join us on our book campaign tour with Marg and Jasper…


Campaign Appearances

Discover the adventures in Marg Gibbs’ story, Jasper’s Jumbled up Words, with special appearances at the following media sources. Please follow, the links listed below and Books On Tour PR & Marketing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see all the special media features.


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