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Ginnie and Pinney are a Success!

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Now more than ever, our younger generation need the skills, the empathy and the emotional intelligence to manage, and strive in our complex world, starting with their very own daily play and social interactions with others. The dedicated and passionate team, author Penny Harris and illustrator Winnie Zhou, have thoroughly developed their series over many years, backed by substantial and fundamental research and with boundless energy and creativity to produce the high quality, essential Ginnie & Pinney resources for early years children. Did these fun-loving characters win you over, too?!

To add to the value this past week, we thank the following co-hosts for their marvellous contributions to our campaign…

Just Write For Kids Australia

Sarah Rasmussen @Ragamuffin Books

Allison Winchester @Little Big Reads

Kids’ Book Review

Norah Colvin @readilearn



*UPDATE* The Ginnie & Pinney #BookGiveaway is NOW CLOSED! We have a WINNER!

We’ve had a WINNING response so far to the #GinnieandPinney #BookGiveaway. Thank you to those who have entered, for others, there is still a bit of time. But you’ll have to hurry like Pinney in a pogo-stick race! *NOW CLOSED

Special thanks to Big Sky Publishing for providing the prize for our promotion.

Enter at the link here! Good luck!

Closing midnight AEST Sunday July 19 2020.

Available to purchase at Big Sky Publishing| Booktopia (3, 2, 1, Here I Come) | Booktopia (Pinney the Winner)


And to catch up on the entire book campaign, click on the images below or visit the archive page @OnTourWithPennyHarrisWinnieZhouandGinnieandPinney

Celebrating the release of the enlightening picture book series, Ginnie & Pinney, with ‘3, 2, 1, Here I Come’ and ‘Pinney the Winner’ by Penny Harris and Winnie Zhou, published by Big Sky Publishing.

Ginnie & Pinney: website | directory profile listing | facebook | twitter | instagram

Penny Harris and Winnie Zhou



PLUS! Special Co-hosts…

Sarah Rasmussen @ Ragamuffin Books


Allison Winchester @ Little Big Reads


Kids’ Book Review


Norah Colvin @ readilearn





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