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Prepare for The Battle with this Shining New Campaign

Learning to do things in new ways and with new people can be a bit scary. Sometimes though we might just find that we have more in common than we thought with those we were afraid of.

The Battle is an empowering tale that enables us to see that our ‘armour’ can hold us  back – if we only let our guards down we could see what life, and new friends have to offer. For children starting or returning to kinder and school who are anxious about the transition, this book is fun, uplifting and strength-building. Suit up and join us on this inspiring journey.

Support talented author Ashling Kwok during our campaign from June 15th to 19th.

Published by EK Books. Hosted at and Books On Tour PR & Marketing.


The Battle

Edward is anxious to start knight-school. It’s sure to be terrifying with all those ogres and dragons about! So he puts on his armour, and prepares for battle.

But what if he has more in common with those ogres and dragons than he thought? Perhaps if he takes his armour off, he might even find that knight school can be fun!



Book Trailer

Prepare to take on the world with The Battle!


Campaign Appearances

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