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Discover Secret Truths with Teena Raffa-Mulligan and Monelli & Me

Who do you trust when those you love most let you down?

Fifteen-year-old Kate is on an emotional rollercoaster. Her mum has been keeping secrets. And now Kate needs to navigate her way through a new identity, a new family, and where she truly belongs. YA readers will discover just how much this ride grips at every sense to keep going through its twists and turns, dips and dives with romance and winding personal journeys. We’re literally taking Monelli & Me on a tour, so join us for a breathtaking trip!

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Monelli&Me coverMonelli & Me

Fifteen-year-old Kate Norton has been living a happy family fantasy. Her mum has been keeping secrets. Now the father Kate never knew she had is coming to Perth. He wants to take Kate back to Brisbane with him because his mother has cancer and wants to get to know her only granddaughter before it’s too late. Kate is on an emotional rollercoaster. Everything she believed about herself and her life has been based on a lie. Kate has to find out who she is and where she belongs.



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Hook yourself in for a captivating journey with Monelli & Me!

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