Hayden's Bedtime Campaign
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The Hayden’s Bedtime Campaign – Fun, Reassuring and Inspirational

How often have you wanted the bedtime routine with your little ones to just run smoothly, without a breath of worry or impatience? On the other hand, what have you found to be a successful strategy at this transitional time of night? Luckily, with tips and insights from author, Wendy Haynes, and her reassuring and inspirational, fun storybook, Hayden’s Bedtime, we have all been able to benefit from engaging in this week’s campaign.

Furthermore, our associates have added an extra hint of fun and surprise with their contributions to the tour…

Just Write For Kids Australia

Allison Winchester @Little Big Reads

Sarah Rasmussen @Ragamuffin Books

Kids’ Book Review

Melissa Gijsbers @Read For Fun

Michelle Worthington @Share Your Story

Norah Colvin @Readilearn


ONLY ONE DAY LEFT to ENTER the Hayden’s Bedtime #BookGiveaway!

We’ve already had a HUGE response to the #HaydensBedtime #BookGiveaway, but don’t be alarmed, because there is still time to go in the draw to WIN! Special thanks to Wendy Haynes and Inprint Publishing for providing the prize for our promotion. Competition closing Sunday February 16, 2020. Click the link to enter. Winners will be announced via social media.

Hayden's Bedtime book giveaway


And to catch up on the entire book campaign, click on the images below or visit the archive page @OnTourWithWendyHaynesandHaydensBedtime.

Wendy Haynes Hayden's Bedtime


bedtime routine Hayden's Bedtime interview

Hayden's Bedtime activities


PLUS! Special Co-hosts…

Little Big Reads


Ragamuffin Books


Kids’ Book Review


Read For Fun


Share Your Story

Sharing Your Story



readilearn teaching


Coming soon… CBCA Reading Time Online




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