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This Massively Empowering Campaign has Changed Our Lives

We gasped, we chuckled, we mesmerised with awe – thanks to the revealing, entertaining and life-changing knowledge imparted during the Raymund and the Fear Monster book campaign! Both author, Megan Higginson and illustrator, Ester de Boer captured our imaginations, and our hearts, with their open and honest written and visual pieces. This was an uplifting and unforgettable experience for all!

Much appreciation goes to the associate cast of this spectacular blog tour…

Annaleise Byrd @thebyrdandthebookworms

Sarah Rasmussen @ Ragamuffin Books

Vanessa Ryan @ Educate. Empower, and

Norah Colvin @ readilearn.



ANNOUNCING WINNERS for the Raymund and the Fear Monster #BookGiveaway!

We had a HUGE response to the #RaymundandtheFearMonster #BookGiveaway, so we are delighted to be able to offer TWO book prizes to two lucky winners! These people have pledged to FACE their FEAR, and will receive this delightful, bold and stunning story. Special thanks to Megan Higginson and Ester de Boer for providing copies for our promotion.


And the WINNERS are…


Hayley Apelt

Anne-Marie Cooper


WOO! Congratulations! We’ll be in touch shortly! 🙂


And to catch up on the entire book campaign, click on the images below or visit the archive page @OnTourwithMeganHigginsonEsterdeBoerandRaymundandtheFearMonster.


#raymundandthefearmonster #blogtour #booksontourpr


PLUS! Special Associates…



Ragamuffin Books


Educate. Empower




More Highlights…

Megan Higginson and Ester de Boer celebrated the launch of Raymund and the Fear Monster on Saturday November 16th at Reader’s Emporium. Here are a few snaps of their special day (courtesy of Megan Higginson).

(Available at this link)


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