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A Book Campaign of Monumental Significance

A tale of courage and overcoming fears when the odds seem to be stacked against you.

‘Raymund’ takes us on a journey to self discovery and inner strength when he meets his match – the Fear Monster aka fear-eater and village-terroriser. Brace yourselves to face the unpredictable when we take Raymund and the Fear Monster on tour – a picture book to inspire, with a poke of fun along the way.

Support the campaign at Books On Tour from November 25 to 29.

An entertaining and uplifting book written by Megan Higginson, with illustrations by Ester de Boer. Published by Blue Brumby Books. Hosted at and Books On Tour.


Raymund and the Fear Monster

At the top of an enormous mountain is a dark and gloomy forest. In the dark and gloomy forest lives a monster who roars and growls and makes terrible noises. Raymund lives in a small village at the bottom of the enormous mountain. Raymund is scared of many things. But, most of all he is afraid of the night, and the monster that sends him running to hide under his bed.

How will Raymund face his fear, discover what it means to have courage, and defeat the huge and hideous monster that smells like fish guts, rotten eggs and smelly feet?



Book Trailer

Still feeling brave? Watch our promo reel, if you dare…


Campaign Appearances

Megan Higginson and Ester de Boer, and their stunning picture book, Raymund and the Fear Monster, will be making appearances across social media. Please follow Books On Tour PR & Marketing on Facebook and Twitter to see all the special media features.

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