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All the Best Moments Captured in the Max Booth Film Flip Blog Tour

Gee Whizz! That week flew by in a flash! Is that what it feels like to travel 400 years into the future in one reading?! Nevertheless, with the click of a few buttons, the Max Booth Future Sleuth Film Flip book campaign was full to the MAX with engrossing material to feast our eyes upon! How fortunate to be able to capture the thoughts of both author, Cameron Macintosh, and illustrator, Dave Atze, and let’s not forget the robo-tacular Oscar, sidekick to star-sleuther, Max Booth! Brilliant!

Much appreciation goes to the associate crew of this film-tastic blog tour…

Robert Vescio

Melissa Gijsbers at Read For Fun

Reading Time (x2)

Bron at Bookish Bron

Middle Grade Mavens Podcast (TBA)



You read correctly! There’s still time to enter the #MaxBoothFilmFlip #bookgiveaway for a chance to WIN this fun, funny, and very 2424 chapter book – perfect for mystery, adventure and tech-loving kids! Special thanks to Big Sky Publishing for providing copies for our promotion.

Click here to enter. Closing September 22, 2019.


And to catch up on the entire book campaign, click on the images below or visit the archive page @OnTourWithCameronMacintoshAndMaxBoothFilmFlip


Source: Max Booth TV

PLUS! Special Co-Hosts…

Robert Vescio

Read For Fun

Reading Time

Coming Soon…


Reading Time

Coming Soon…


Bookish Bron

Middle Grade Mavens Podcast

Coming Soon…


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