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Back to the Future with another Max Booth Campaign with Cameron Macintosh and Dave Atze

There’s a new sleuth in town – he’s fun, funny and very 2424! 

Max Booth and his robo-sidekick, Oscar, are back again in yet another exciting adventure of the future – this time, the mystery of the 400-year-old film canister, containing a valuable photo, sets them on a rather sludgy path to discovery. Film Flip is an animated read for junior to middle graders looking to muddle the brain with time-warping technology and hilarious visual comedy. So, let’s get flipped!

Support the campaign at Books On Tour from September 9 to 13.

A fun and entertaining book written by Cameron Macintosh, with illustrations by Dave Atze, and published by Big Sky Publishing. Hosted at and Books On Tour.

‘Max Booth Future Sleuth: Film Flip’

In the year 2424, it seems crazy that people once needed film to take photos. Max and Oscar – Bluggsville’s smartest sleuths – are shocked when they find a 400-year-old roll of film. They’re even more shocked to discover that it still seems to contain someone’s happy snap!

Unfortunately, they’re not the only people who realise how rare, and valuable, this photo could be. Max and Oscar are going to need all of their wits to make sure the photo ends up in the museum, where it belongs! 


Book Trailer

Not hooked yet? Watch our promo reel, and then the official book trailer of Film Flip by Big Sky Publishing…


Campaign Appearances

Cameron Macintosh and Dave Atze, and their chapter book, Max Booth Future Sleuth: Film Flip, will be making appearances across social media. Please follow Books On Tour PR & Marketing on Facebook and Twitter to see all the special media features.


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