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A Chilling Campaign – Hadamar: The House of Shudders with Jason K Foster

In Nazi Germany, Ingrid was considered a bastard, a shame, a national disgrace. Her sin: being born black. 

A young adult book with a broad appeal. A gripping tale told through the eyes of Ingrid Marchand. Horror, hatred, terror… a powerful story of hope. Be empowered as we unpack this incredible journey that is Hadamar: The House of Shudders, over two captivating months.

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An intense and memorable book written by Jason K. Foster, published by Big Sky Publishing. Hosted at and Books On Tour.

‘Hadamar: The House of Shudders’

Hadamar is the story of Ingrid Marchand, a young girl of mixed German-French-African race born and her struggle to survive as the Nazis rise to power and Hitler’s barbaric racial policies are introduced.


Book Trailer

Not hooked yet? Watch the official book trailer of Hadamar…


Campaign Appearances

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