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How To Get Featured – 5 Tips for Pitching to the Media

Book Marketing Secrets #3

I’m sure you’ll agree that with any form of written text, whether that be in a book or an email, it takes only one or two sentences, or ten seconds, to hook the reader in. This applies to editors, publishers, journalists, fellow bloggers, too, so forget the fluffy stuff and show ‘em what you’ve got! We’ll give you five strategies for grabbing their attention when pitching your book, your article or yourself (!) to the media. Here they are…

1.       Personalise!

Urgh! Mass emails are like, so impersonal! Show that you want THEM specifically to feature you or your book by writing directly to the person. Do your research into what they offer on their blog / paper, as well as any specific guidelines, to be able to make your request accordingly.

Also include their name and/or business name in the subject line to ensure the email won’t get sent immediately to the trash! But remember to keep this short and snappy.


2.       Use Your Hook Up-Front

Make a statement about your book that is going to immediately catch the reader’s eye. Don’t be afraid to be funny, shocking or absolutely fascinating. The more intrigue you create the further they’ll want to read.


3.       Convey a Compelling Message

You only need two paragraphs to drive your pitch. You’ve already written a compelling pitch upon manuscript submission, and pitching for a media appearance works with the same elements.

Firstly, introduce yourself and clearly outline the intention of your request (it may be of value to repeat the name of the business you’re pitching to, and how your topic / genre benefits their readers here). Now, capture your reader’s attention with that winning elevator pitch of yours! Is that hook in there?! If you’re looking for an interview feature, include anecdotes on how the book topic reflects your life experiences / interests. Reflect these ideas in your short bio at the end.

Finalise by summarising your intention and request with a polite sign-off. Such as, ‘Thank you for the opportunity to submit my book to you and look forward to a possible review.’


4.       Release the Release!

Do you need a media release as well? Yes. Either your publisher will have created one or you will need to make one up yourself. The media release is essentially the all-encapsulating document that gives the media / contact person a more detailed yet visual snapshot of what you and your book are all about. If you’ve grabbed their attention with your pitch then they’ll be interested in digging a little deeper to inform their final decision.

*Do you need help creating a media release? Books On Tour PR & Marketing create customised media releases. If you’d like to have a go yourself, here are some headings / content you should / might include: book details, book title, blurb / about the book, book cover, internal images (optional), about the author, about the illustrator, profile photos, praise for the book (optional), publisher details.


5.       Check It! Re-Check It!

Heaven forbid you did all this work and hit ‘send’ without double and triple checking your pitch! Read it aloud, ask someone else to read it, make sure the language is suitable and grammatically correct. Check your spelling. Check you’ve written the correct name of your contact person – particularly if you’re re-using the same material with several contacts. And most importantly, make sure it’s captivating and intrigues the reader’s interest!


In Summary…

Here’s what a good pitch contains:

SUBJECT LINE – Include type of request (review, interview), headline (book title), business name you’re pitching to.

SALUTATION – Formal address: ‘Dear (Editor)’ or informal, ‘Hi, (name)’.

INTRODUCTORY HEADLINE – An intriguing introduction to hook the reader’s interest.

COMPELLING MESSAGE – Describe your intention and provide your winning elevator pitch.

SHORT BIO – Share a bit about yourself and your interest /  experience with the topic.

SIGN-OFF – Reiterate your message and politely thank the media contact for their consideration. Sign off with your name and contact links.

… Sharp and snappy. Compelling. Full of energy. Make it clear and to the point. These are the secrets to a great media pitch… now, go!


Books On Tour PR & Marketing is available to help you create an effective marketing plan for your book. For further information, feel free to contact us.


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