Mission Complete! Secrets of the Great Barrier Reef Rescue Blog Tour All Revealed

Secrets were revealed and mysteries solved in our action-packed and exciting Great Barrier Reef Rescue blog tour!

What an eye-opening, thought-provoking and educational adventure we’ve been given to harness the power of awareness and change for a kinder, brighter and beautiful world. Author Karen Tyrrell is an amazing advocate for valuing our environment, our friends, and ourselves, and her middle grade series truly emanates with these important qualities.

Special thanks to Karen Tyrrell for her insightful contributions to the campaign. And of course, our co-hosts who dove right in with us! We are forever grateful.

Vanessa Ryan @ educateempower

Melissa Gijsbers @ Read For Fun

Norah Colvin @ readilearn

and Reading Time (with a review coming soon…)!



Question: How do I enter the Great Barrier Reef Rescue #BookGiveaway? Answer: Easy! Simply follow the link here and fill out the form for your chance to WIN a HUGE prize pack! Closes May 12. Thanks to Karen Tyrrell for providing this amazing prize.

And to catch up on the entire blog tour, click on the images below or visit the archive page @OnTourWithKarenTyrrellandGreatBarrierReefRescue

PLUS! Special Co-hosts…

Educate. Empower.

Read For Fun


Reading Time

Coming soon…



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