There’s a New Gang in Town!

Mischief makers! Literary device connoisseurs! Night-time escapade lovers! We have a story for you!

Dot your i’s, cross your t’s…and hold your breath for a fun adventure with the error-busting gang, The Apostrophe Posse! They’re coming from Tea Tree Bend to Books On Tour Town from April 1st – no joke!

Energetically written by Teena Raffa-Mulligan. Published by Sea Song Publications. Hosted at www.justkidslit.com/blog and Books On Tour. April 1 -5.

‘The Apostrophe Posse’

Trouble comes to Tea Tree Bend…

In cowboy movies the sheriff forms a posse to round up all the bad guys. Cam and Ellie from Daisy Cottage and their friends Billy and Louisa have formed a different posse. Their mission is to find and fix all the signs in Tea Tree Bend with missing apostrophes. The summer holidays are almost over so they have just nine days to complete their task.

How can doing the right thing go so wrong?


Book Trailer

Here’s a little teaser to ramp up the excitement…

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