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Learn the Basics to Book Marketing and How You Can Implement Them Without Fail

Book Marketing Secrets #1

If you’re an author, you will need a book marketing and publicity plan. To put it bluntly, only those who put in the effort will reap the rewards. However, book marketing can be confusing, for some, and time-consuming, for all. Maybe you just don’t know where to start, or exactly what’s involved. Perhaps you’re just not that ‘buy my book’ kind of person. Hopefully with these few book marketing tips and ideas, you will feel more confident in your own marketing-guru-ness! You’ll be surprised to learn that all you have to do is be yourself.


But what is Book Marketing?

‘Marketing is sharing what you love with people who want to hear about it.’ – Joanna Penn 


What Book Marketing Isn’t…

Marketing is not about begging for sales, or acting desperate. It’s not about demeaning yourself and it’s not constantly shoving your book in other people’s faces.


It IS about showing your uniqueness, your passion, and allowing your tribe to add fuel to your fire.

Here’s how to best market yourself and your books:

1. Keep writing and improving your craft. Each time you put pen to paper, no matter the form of writing, you’re improving. People will be interested in the good stuff, so be the best you can be.

2. Slowly show more of your amazing self. Be likeable. Be accessible. Be inspiring, personal, authentic – get yourself, as a brand, noticed. Share your passions and show your uniqueness.

3. Make your audience ‘feel’. Build a relationship with your audience. Bring them joy by being able to be a part of your world.


Now for the tangible – Getting your Hands Dirty.

The best approach to a marketing plan is to utilise both online and offline pursuits that complement one another.

1. Offline –

Author Visits: Give back to your community and get yourself out in the world by touring bookstores, libraries, schools, literary events, storytelling, reading or book signing appearances. It’s about making connections with people. And don’t forget the cool promotional merch (i.e. bookmarks, business cards, activity packs) to give away as bonuses. This adds that extra connection as people can take a little piece of you with them!

2. Online –

Website and Content Marketing: Websites are the home to all your information for potential customers to learn about you and your books. Blogging on your own website will allow people to get to know you and encourage spreading word of mouth. It’s not about being ‘salesy’. Content should be relevant to your story and create interest around your subject. You can also offer guest posts, be an active participant and comment at other relevant blogs.

E-mail Newsletters: Along with your blogging, begin to build up your email subscribers and send out newsletters that re-cap all your excitement across social media that they may have missed, exclusive upcoming content and easy-to-access links to your shop.

The Value of Social Media Marketing: Either it can work for your reader engagement and long-term success and visibility, or it can be a complete waste of time and major distraction. At minimum, set up a Facebook or Twitter account. You could try other sites like Instagram, Pinterest and Goodreads to add to the visual element as well. Approach social media gently and patiently. Remember, it’s about making connections and sharing yourself and your passions – not so much about pushing sales.

Launch Parties and Blog Tours: Allow your followers to be a part of the excitement of your upcoming or new release wherever they are in the world. Create some buzz with a book trailer and / or cover reveal. Word of mouth is the best exposure, so organising a round-up of places to get featured will work in your favour. You can also hire a specialist to do all the leg-work for you! 😉

Hit the Media: Doing it yourself? Offer to write guest posts, be invited for interviews, and send your quality pitch and press release out to reviewers with a complimentary copy of your book. Do your research and target the media that suits your genre and content.

Giveaways: Running book giveaways can be popular and effective in marketing your book pre- or post-publication. A good place to start might be at sites such as Goodreads where reader reviews are likely to influence the excitement around your book. It is also possible to run a giveaway for e-books, for those self-published authors, and particularly for first titles at the time of the second or third release in a series. Be creative and think outside the box, too. What kind of audience would be interested in your subject, and how can you cross-promote with these relevant channels?


So, at the end of the day, we’ve got two main take-away messages for you:

1. Make connections and they will come. Share your self. Share your passions. Share your story. Lure them with emotion.

2. Find your balance between writing and marketing. Marketing can be fun but it can also be all-consuming. Be strategic and find out what works best for you.

And the good news is, you don’t have to be that ‘buy my book’ kind of person! Yay! 😊


Books On Tour PR & Marketing is available to help you create an effective marketing plan for your book. For further information, feel free to contact us.


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Next month we will continue our Book Marketing Secrets by beginning to flesh out some of the points above. Look out for How Your Website Works Your Market.


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