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5 Things You’ll Discover On Our Book Marketing Blog

Welcome to the blog!

Just a note to tell you about us here at Books On Tour PR & Marketing and what you’ll discover on our new blog. Whether you’re considering arranging your own campaign, or just planning on being a spectator for a while, our valuable tips and exciting events aim to pleasantly enthral. Let me tell you about the important stuff happening here on the blog in the coming months.

1.       You’ll Never Experience FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

If you’re like me and still playing catch ups on old blog posts and podcasts…don’t be. Here, you’ll gain early, easy to access, and exclusive notifications at a glance of all our upcoming blog tours and campaigns, including fun advertising and visually pleasing schedules of events.


2.       But, How Do Campaigns Work?

Because we like to personalise our campaigns, they are run in two ways:

The Blog Tour – Through, you will receive a condensed burst of bookish goodness feeding you engaging daily content over a set period of time.

The Freedom Campaign – Alternatively, publicity features are spread out to pop back into your brain in intermittent intervals and therefore create a long lasting, book-a-licious effect.

It’s F-U-N two-ways!


3.   Who are These Media Associates You Speak Of?

One of the most exciting aspects of what we do is partnering up with other professional industry folk that help take our publicity targets through the roof! A list of our associates that you will have the pleasure to get to know can be found here at our Associates page. Why not be bold and join our team!


4.        Our Service is Like A Box of Chocolates

My personal favourite are Lindt chocolate balls, especially the variety pack! Books On Tour PR & Marketing is a bit like a variety pack of Lindt balls. We offer more than one service to suit different tastes and needs. Authors, publishers and other businesses are welcome to view our digital portfolio, including book trailers, animation, print media, copywriting services, and more.


5.       What About Book Marketing?

What is book publicity? How do I get featured? What do I need to get started? How do I gain a respected audience? So many questions! The Books On Tour blog will focus on each of these aspects over the coming months to give you some insights into marketing your own books effectively.


First and foremost, our aim is to help give you the confidence and ease to market your book. And for those coming along for the virtual ride, the doors are open to you to discover new insights, engage in opportunities and gain recognition in your own right.” 

There you have it! Simply stated, it’ll all be here for you book worms and book lovers, book discoverers and book marketers. Thanks for adventuring with us!


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2 thoughts on “5 Things You’ll Discover On Our Book Marketing Blog”

  1. Great first post on this new-look website! Looking forward to seeing what you bring us. Love the bio – ‘acting publicist to book stars’ – Brilliant!


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